Convention Dolls

18th - 2016, St. Charles, IL


Outfit: Chrissy Faulkner


Face repaint: Elaine Meldrum
Accessories: Winter Meldrum


Box Design: Mary S.

17th - 2015, Suquamish, WA


Reroot and repaints: Mary S.


Outfits: Phyllis Devine and Mary S.


Packaging: Mary S. which included original artwork also by Mary


Now this is a display!  The presentation of dolls was spectacular!

16th - 2014, Asheville, NC

Dress: Maria Glenn


Shoes: Crissy Faulkner


Everything else: Peggy Coleman


15th - 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada

Team "Elvis":

Nancy Collins, Maria Glenn, Trese Randolph and Jerry (Nancy's brother) a.k.a. Music chip Extraordinaire


🎶 Elvis really sings! 🎶

14th - 2012, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Dolls by Chrissy Faulkner, presentation box Nick (DWTLH)


13th - 2011, Portland, Oregon

Team: Maria Glenn, Shari Krapp, Trese Randolph, Durell Jones

A very limited Orange version of the convention doll given to special donors and corporate sponsors who did not attend the convention but whose contribution made a huge difference for those who did attend. The green doll was a prototype.

12th - 2010, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Nancy Collins (concept and display), Peg Holdstock (Outfits)

11th - 2009, Denver, Colorado

Design, outfit & display Gena Rauschke


10th - 2008, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Dolls by Deirdre Pomeroy (Awsumgal)

9th - 2007, Vancouver, British Columbia

Dolls by Melanie Dixon

8th - 2006, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dolls by JAmie

7th - 2005, Seattle, Washington

Dolls by Carie McCarter and Deborah Krager


6th - 2004, Cleveland, Ohio


Dolls by Wendy, Christine and Babs Leather



5th - 2003, Washington D.C.

Dolls by Babs Leather

4th - 2002, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Dawn in Las Vegas" Holiday Trimmings Special Edition (Brunette) produced specifically for our convention.

Standard retail doll "Holiday Trimmings"  (note: pix just for comparison, not given out as part of the convention)

3rd - 2001, Chicago, Illinois

"Dawn in Chicago"  Platinum Checkerboard Dawn produced specifically for our convention.

That's it for this list... Our first convention doll - out of her shiny silver display box.