General policies

The next generation of collectors!The girls a.k.a. "Young Collectors" have grown up fast! Starting 2014 they were no longer considered Young Collectors and have joined the adults on convention day. Lynn, the YC Leader for 4 out of the 5 years  (Peggy Coleman ran the first year) has been able to relax a bit with the rest of us, her daughter Jenny (on the right) has become an award winning Irish dancer and Wynter (on the left) co-hosted the 2016 convention! There have been several other young collectors who have participated over the years, a few still attend  the conventions annually if possible.


 While our convention is mainly about fun, friendship and dolls, it is necessary to have some general policies in order to have a smooth event. The following is a summary of commonly used policies, however it is up to the current Host(s) to determine the exact policies for her own convention.

Cancellation Policy
It is expected that there will be a few cancellations prior to the event. The cancellation policy varies year to year, so be sure you know the current year’s policy before registering. 

Waiting List Policy


Each year the Host(s) will determine the maximum number of attendees she can accept, once that limit has been reached a waiting list will be compiled. If a cancellation occurs, the first person on the waiting list will be offered the spot and will be given specific timeframe [determined by the Host(s)] to complete the registration process. If the first person declines or the time expires, the second person on the waiting list will be contacted, and so on...


Guest Policy
The Guest policy can vary quite a bit year to year, but the most common approach Hosts take is the following: 

Guests or non-collectors are not permitted to attend the convention since this is a Dawn collector event. However, some attendees may be traveling with one or more friends or relatives. Your travel companions are welcome to pop in and pop out to take a peek at the convention displays during breaks, unless the doors are closed, and join the group for meals (there is a charge for meals).

Some exceptions may be made if you have a travel companion due to a handicap. If that is the case, please contact the Host(s) so she can make arrangements to ensure you are able to enjoy the convention as much as everyone else.

Guests are welcome at the Friday Night Meet and Greet as well as the daytime tour or event.

Special Dietary Requests Policy


Three meals are usually served on convention day. Every effort will be made to accommodate your special dietary requests. If you are vegetarian, lactose intolerant, Kosher, or have other dietary restrictions, please contact the Host(s). The menus have been selected to represent a basic, healthy diet with balanced nutrition in mind.


No-Show Policy


If you are unable to attend the day of the event, you will be considered a no-show. No-shows are ineligible to receive refunds of any sort. The convention doll(s), goodie bags, trips to the prize table plus all other prizes and gifts will be forfeited as well.


Nancy’s Smile Policy


Nancy Collins said it best in when hosting her first convention in Ft. Lauderdale:

“Keep smiling and understand that with a large group, it is difficult to please everyone on every detail but every effort has been made to ensure this a positive, memorable event!”